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Conceptual design, planning, structural design to execution.

K-Structura brings years of academic and industrial experience to provide complete structural engineering services to the public and private sector. We are a team of experienced professionals who focus on safety, quality, efficiency, sustainability and building values. K-Structura is constructed on the following principles

  • Value based: Innovative, timely and cost effective solutions.
  • Solution based: Analysis based on variations and providing best solution to the clients.
  • Client Satisfaction: Close coordination, trust building, commitment to safety and quality service.
  • Socio-Environmental responsibility: Our commitment to provide sustainable solutions.

Core Team

Dr. Arun Kaintura
Dr. Arun Kaintura: Arun has MS degree in structural engineering from Technical University of Dresden, Germany, which was sponsored by German government and Eurovia GmbH. He holds a PhD from Ghent University, Belgium. Arun has strong core academic, technical skills and ethics at par with global standards. He has published various technical papers and is strongly connected to academics as well. Arun started his career in the industry as a bridge design engineer and since then has worked on various infrastructure/industrial projects such as composite bridges, steel structures. He has experience in teaching, research and development, and consultancy work. His design philosophy is to provide designs that are safe, economical and that blend with the environment. He is also involved in the design and development of in-house structural tools.
Pankaj Bansal
Pankaj is an IES qualified (AIR-94) in ESE-2009 during his B.Tech education by self-studying. His strong interest in structural engineering lead him to establish his own consultancy firm (Bansal & Associates) in Jaipur in the year 2009. Since then he completed /ongoing more than 1000 projects in residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, pre-engineered buildings etc. in India and abroad. He is a well-known designer for structural consultancy services in Jaipur. He has over 10 years of experience in structural analysis, design, execution and management. He is well known designer for providing unique solutions for rehabilitation/strengthening of existing structures. In his spare time he provides technical training to IES aspirants. He is actively associated with prestigious Institutes of structures in India.
Mohit Benjwal
Mohit Benjwal: Mohit started his career as project/ project appraisal engineer in central hydro PSU and has more than 8 years experience in power plant development. During his tenure in Central Hydro PSU, he was fully responsible for the preparation of DPR/Feasibility of large dam projects and their approval from various agencies including Prime Minister Office. Mohit has strong core aptitude, technical background that helped him to qualify Central Hydro PSU, RITES (air-13), SAIL (Air-4) and Coal India Limited. He also appeared for union civil services (UPSC) interview twice with civil engineering subject for mains. Mohit has great interpersonal and managerial skills and he looks after the business development of the company along with other responsibilities.
Sameer Rawat
Sameer Rawat: Sameer is a licensed (chartered) structural engineer who has over 5 years of experience in the planning, design, and execution of civil engineering projects. He independently completed various industrial, residential, commercial, PEB and infra projects in India and abroad. Sameer brings with him a wide range of knowledge and experience in the infrastructure industry. He is a quick learner, initiative taker and always ready for new challenges. He is a member of the institution of engineers and IAStructE.
Katie Conlon
Katie Conlon: Katie Conlon is an external advisor to K-Structura. She researches waste stream from the perspective of reconnecting an awareness of waste with social and ecological systems, and closing the loop on waste externalities. She is a zero waste advocate, a PhD Candidate, Fulbright Fellow, and National Science Foundation Fellow from Portland State University (USA). Ms. Conlon’s hometown is also Portland Oregon, a city on the west coast of the US that has become famous for its progressive, ecological mindedness. Ms. Conlon has worked and researched across the Asian region on waste and sustainability issues in Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Vietnam, Japan, Nepal, and India. She first became interested in ‘waste as a global issue’ as a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa (2005), when she saw firsthand the contradictions between ‘development’ and ecological harm. She is a member of Break Free From Plastic, 5 Gyres Ambassadors, and a Portland State Institute for Sustainable Solutions Ambassador.
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