Education Solutions

Education Solutions

K-Structura provides complete learning solutions (education services, skill development) powered by technology to students and graduates of any level. It provides technology based learning solutions to educational institutions, campuses, government and private organizations. We also work on bringing industry and education together and to provide customized learning/training based on the requirement of the corporate partner.

Academic, personal and career success of civil engineering students, by engaging them in solving real-world problems. This programme will develop problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills of the students. The students will have the opportunity to work on real (completed & ongoing) projects such as residential, industrial that would develop their theoretical concepts as well as necessary industrial expertise.

Project Based Learning

Why Project-based Learning
  • Deep Understanding: Our efficient learning models helps to understand learning needs at all levels
  • Value Building: We focus on long term quality building
  • Better Job Prospects:
  • Concept Building: Develop necessary concepts required in the industry
  • Industrial Experience: Work & learn from projects from the industry
  • Confidence Building: We help you to build your confidence
  • Live Project Experience: Gain hands-on experience on ongoing projects in the company
  • Skill Development: We equip you with the necessary tools that will give you an edge in the industry.
Other benefits
  • Better understanding of basic concepts with a focus on hand calculations verified with softwares results.
  • Hands-on experience on full project execution from start to finish.
  • Indian Standards (IS) code reading skills and its application in design.
  • Experience in reading and interpreting structural and architectural drawings.
  • Opportunity to work on real project design & site visit to implement their own design.
  • Career guidance/Employability consultation
  • Experience letter with live industrial project experience and software expertise.
  • Free guidance/support for pursuing masters (abroad or in India).
  • Lifetime support and relationship.
Building long term value in the students is the main pillar of K-Structura. We believe that value creation in the students is one of the important quality that is sustainable in the long term and helps students to excel personally and professionally. The aim is to produce industry-compatible engineers, trained for mainstream jobs in civil engineering along with ethical values.

Value Based Learning

Why Value-based Learning
  • Various sessions on psychometric tests to understand behavior, strength and weakness of each student and to provide required counselling
  • Live-project work experience
  • Industry-like work environment where students will take responsibility, learn about sustainable solutions, develop quality, technical competence and as a result values.
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