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01. The shear modulus (G),modulus of elasticity (E) and the Poisson’s ratio(µ) Are related as

02. The kinematic indeterminacy of the plane truss shown in the figure is

3. Group I lists the type of gain or loss of strength in soils. Group II lists the property or process responsible for the loss or gain of strength in soils.

The correct match between Group I and Group II is

4. Group I contains the types of fluids while Group II contains the shear stress-rate of shear relationship of different types of fluids, as shown in the figure:

The correct match between Group I and Group II is

5. For a body completely submerged in a fluid, the center of gravity (G) and center of Buoyancy (O) are known. The body is considered to be in stable equilibrium if

6. Which one of the following options contains ONLY primary air pollutants?

7. A well designed signalized intersection is one in which the

8. An undisturbed soil sample was taken from the middle of a clay layer (i.e., 1.5 m below GL), as shown in figure. The water table was at the top of the clay layer. Laboratory test results are as follows:

Natural water content of clay : 25%
Preconsolidation pressure of clay : 60 kPa
Compression index of clay : 0.50
Recompression index of clay : 0.05
Specific gravity of clay : 2.70
Bulk unit weight of sand : 17 kN/m3
A compacted fill of 2.5 m height with unit weight of 20 kN/m3 is placed at the ground level.

Assuming unit weight of water as 10 kN/m3, the ultimate consolidation settlement (expressed in mm) of the clay layer is

9. For the stress state (in MPa) shown in the figure, the major principal stress is 10 MPa.

The shear stress τ is

10. An activated sludge system (sketched below) is operating at equilibrium with the following information. Wastewater related data: Flow rate = 500 m3/hour, Influent BOD = 150 mg/L, Effluent BOD = 10 mg/L. Aeration tank related data: Hydraulic retention time = 8 hours, mean-cell-residence time = 240 hours, volume = 4000 m3, mixed liquor suspended solids = 2000 mg/L.

The food-to-biomass (F/M) ratio (in kg BOD per kg biomass per day) for the aeration tank is

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